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Samastipur city of Bihar was earlier a sub-division of Darbhanga district and is situated along the banks of Budhi Gandak River. The major awaited festivals of Samastipur are Chhat,Hanuman Jayanti, Eid, Mohrram, Durga pooja, Diwali and Saraswati pooja. The Pusa block in Samastipur is renowned for its Rajendra Agriculture University. Other important research facilities include Central Tobacco Research Institute and Central Cane Research Institute. The city is the birthplace of many well-known freedom fighters. It is worth mentioning that the city is an important centre for industries as there are many small scale and large industries set up. his place has absolutely no forest cover and hence people depend heavily on agriculture and they are known for their hard-working nature. 

Samastipur tourism can be enjoyed for the richness of fruits like mangoes and litchis that grow here. The place also excels in the commercial arena by producing cash crops like tobacco, cane, chilli, turmeric and different types of vegetables like cauliflower, potato, bitter gourd etc. Samastipur tourism is also popular because of the beautiful rivers flowing through the district. People also get attracted to the city to see the two sugarcane factories, one located in Magardahi ghat and the other located in Hasanpur.

Tourist places in and around Samastipur

The places making Samastipur tourism irresistible are Morwara, Kharahia, Vidyapati nagar, Pusa, Mahamada, Basuari, Kariyan, Thaneshwar temple,Shivaji nagar block etc. Samastipur tourism gets a dynamic flavor from the pulsating festivals like Eid, Chatth parv, Durga Pooja, Holi, Deepavali, Saraswati Pooja, Makarsakranti, Vishwakrma puja, Hanuman Jayanti, and Mohrram. Chhath festival is celebrated at Budhi Gandak ghat. The religious depth of Samastipur tourism is evident in the fact “Aaradhana Ghar” a Pentecostal Church established in 1943 also adorns the city.  

How to Reach Samastipur

Samastipur is well connected by trains and road with Patna airport being the nearest. It is easily reachable from other major destinations. 

Samastipur Weather

The climate of Samastipur is divided into Summer, Monsoon and Winter. The best time to visit Samastipur is from October to March when the climate of the place is quite at ease for the tourists to make the visit.


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