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Madhubani - Name the word and your mind would be filled with images of beautiful Madhubani art in the world in terms of culture. Madhubani district is a part of Darbhanga Division.

Tourist places in and around Madhubani

The main highlights of Madhubani tourism are Jainagar, Saurath, Kapileswarsthan, Bhawanipur, Jhanjharpur and Phullahar.

History of Madhubani

The origins of Madhubani could be traced back to the Darbhanga district and it became a district in 1972. Many literary figures were born here. In fact the perception is that Madhubani was the second city to adopt democracy. The word Madhubani is derived from the Hindi word in which Madhu means sweet and Vani /bani means voice.

The people here are supposed to have that pleasant and sweet voice. The main language spoken here is Mithilla whereas Hindi, English and Urdu is also read and understood by people here. The place is situated about 56m above the sea level and has great archaeological and religious treasures in the form of temples and shrines.

Tourists visit the place throughout the year. One can see the traces of early medieval period in the archaeology of Madhubani.

Madhubani weather

The climate in Madhubani is sub tropical and it stays wet most of the times. Madhubani seems to be the perfect place to relish one’s taste buds; one can find the sweet water fish and Makhana that happens to be the speciality of this place. One of the major festivals celebrated here are Chhath.

The Rich Culture of Madhubani

Spinning and weaving are also important aspects of Mithillan Handicrafts and are popular all over the nation. Though it’s usually the women who participate in making of these handicrafts but the handicrafts of the region are a great example of the rich quality of handloom textile of the region. Madhubani tourism is blessed with a vast variety of archaeological treasures.

The Madubani style of paintings are also made here using vegetable dyes, lamp black and the canvas here is sometimes even made of paper, though the canvas of cloth is also used at times. Madhubani Lokgeet is also very popular amongst the region.

Other Aspects of Madhubani Tourism

The Madhubani tourism is enchanting and every traveller who has witnessed the charm of Madhubani cant deny the beauty and heritage of the place. Madhubani tourism offers a spectacular tourist destination and should be visited at least once.

The temple dedicated to Bhagwati and the temple of Ugarnath remains on the top of ‘to visit’ list of the tourists. And till date they remain one of the most famous tourist magnets of the Madhubani tourism.

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