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  • 01Rih Dil

    Rih Dil

    Rih Dïl, also known as Rih Li is a beautiful heart-shaped lake that is located 22 km inside Myanmar. The lake is approximately one mile in length and half a mile in width. This lake is believed to be the passage to heaven for the souls of the dead. A strange feature of the lake is that its South West floor happens to be deeper than the north-west and that it gets deep abruptly immediately after the edge of the water.

    There are several folktales which surround this amazing and picturesque lake. Ril Dïl is a rarely visited place even today because of the difficulty to access this region. Yet, public bus facility has been provided from the Indo-Myanmar gate which will take you to the Rih. One can also get permission to visit the lake from the Deputy Commissioner's office at Champhai.

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  • 02Lamsial Puk

    Lamsial Puk

    Lamsial Puk is a cave situated in proximity to the Farkawn village, in Champhai district of Mizoram.

    The cave stood witness to one of the most fatal wars that was fought in the region. If one is to believe the archived materials, it is said that in the olden times, there was a fierce battle which took place at this very site. The clash happened between two adjacent villages who disagreed upon land issues. A large mound of skeletons was discovered from the cave which belonged to the warriors who lost their lives in the war. These remnants have still been preserved inside the cave along with the artillery used in the war.

    The Lamsial Puk cave is the evidence of bravery and heroism as well as of the atrocities and horrors of war. It is this very aspect associated with the cave that calls out to tourists from far-off places.

    Best way to get to the cave is by taking the bus or a private car from Aizawl to Farkawn (total distance 92 kilometres) or take a flight to the Lengui Airport in Aizawl from any of the metro cities in India.

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  • 03Murlen National Park

    Murlen National Park

    Murlen National Park is one of the most popular national parks of Mizoram. It covers an area of 200 sq km and lies very close to the Indo-Myanmar border. The Murlen Park is filled with cliffs and is popularly a home to a variety of endangered species of birds and also other animals of the wild. There is also the Thumkhuai Kham, a large cave, within the perimeter of the park.

    One great cliff by the name of Khampui is considered to be amongst the greatest precipice of India in terms of being the home of the wild. Several rivers, rivulets and brooks flow through this park providing abundant water to its existing wildlife.

    The forest cover of the Murlen Park is compared to that of the Amazons' owing to its thickness. It also has a part where only 1% of the sun's ray can penetrate this forest. For this reason, it is known as the 'land of no return' or ‘losing area of seven fellow-men’.

    There have been records of 15 species of animals, 150 species of birds, 35 species of medicinal plants and 4 species of orchids to be found in this park. One can reach Murlen Park by hiring a tourist vehicle from Aizawl (245 km).

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  • 04Mura Puk

    Mura Puk

    Mura Puk consists of six caves, which according to legends, were dug by the villagers of the area in order to hide from the man-eating eagle. The story goes like this that once upon a time, a gigantic eagle by the name of Mura existed in the area.

    Mura was extremely cruel and had a unique technique for hunting down his prey. He would sit on the roof of the huts and would thrust his tail through the rear door, scaring away the residents and forcing them to try and escape through the front door.

    When someone would try to come out of the front door, he would grab him with his beak and feed on him. He would torment the villagers by repeating this every single day until the villagers got together and dug up these six caves for their getaway. One can visit Mura Puk by hiring a tourist vehicle from Champhai about 10 km away.

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  • 05Kungawrhi Puk

    Kungawrhi Puk

    Kungawrhi Puk is one of the most significant and largest caves in Mizoram. This cave is located on the hills between Farkawn and Vaphai villages in the Champhai district.

    Legend has it that a long time ago, the spirits had abducted and used this cave as a confinement of a beautiful girl by the name of Kungawrhi. Kungawrhi was engaged to a brave young man called Pnathira. The incident took place on a day when Pnathira and Kungawrhi were on their way from Pnathira's village. The spirits were fascinated by Kungawrhi's magnificent beauty and they kidnapped her, hiding her away in these caves. The victimised girl stayed in the cave until the valiant Pnathira returned for his love and fought bravely against the spirits and freed his beloved from their trap. The caves were then named after this girl.

    One could reach Kungawrhi Puk by hiring a tourist vehicle from Champhai town.

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  • 06Lianchhiari Lunglentlang

    Lianchhiari Lunglentlang

    Lianchhiari Lunglentlang is a stunningly picturesque cliff situated at a distance of 64 km from Champhai district in Duntlang village of Mizoram. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that one glance at the cliff, and it takes your breath away. The cliff has a rocky projection jutting out to a dangerous distance.

    One can spend hours sitting on the rocky ledge, enjoying the cool breeze. Amidst the stark clear blue skies and overlooking a range of mountains below it gives one the feeling of being in another heaven altogether. The cliff gets its name from a famous love story.

    The legend goes that the daughter (Lianchhiari) of the chief of Duntlang village fell in love with a commoner, called Chawngfianga. Their love could not flourish, and the boy was forced to leave the village. Heartbroken, Lianchhiari would sit at the tip of the cliff and watch the distant village to where her lover had migrated.

    The cliff truly inspires art and poetry, and it is no wonder that Lianchhiari composed many a rueful songs of love sitting on this very cliff. The best way to reach is by taking a bus or private car from Champhai.

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  • 07Mizo Hlakungpui Mual

    Mizo Hlakungpui Mual

    Mizo Hlakungpui Mual, also known as Mizo Poet’s Square, is a monument that was built to commemorate the Mizo poets. It is located at Khawbung village of Mizoram, at a distance of about 100 km from Chittagong, Bangladesh.

    The origin of the monuments came from the people of Khawbung village in 1983, when the Executive Committee of Khawbung Branch YMA decided to build a memorial in honour of their two great poets, Patea and Damhuahva.

    Eventually, the locals decided to add every Mizo poet and writer who had made evident contributions to Mizo literature to this memorial. The names are added a minimum of 5 years after the death of the author. One may reach Hlakungpui Mual by hiring a tourist vehicle from Aizawl or Champhai.

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  • 08Hnahlan


    Hnahlan is a village located in the Champhai district of Mizoram, 247 kilometres away from the state capital, Aizawl. It is located on the international Myanmar-India border, being a mere 5 kilometres away from Myanmar.

    The village’s origin can be traced back to the year 1897, when the region was at first occupied by Sailo chief, Kaihranga, and his successors. This is only till the year 1954, when the order for the abolishment of chieftainship was put into action and the chief was forced to abdicate his position. The village now functions under a Democratic Village Council.

    Apart from its great history, Hnahlan is also popular for its wine production, having the name Zawlaidi or Love Potion. About 80% of the village’s population is engaged in wine cultivation. Barring a few set backs, the winery has had consistent performance throughout the years.

    Hnahlan is well connected to Aizawl by buses and sumo services.


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  • 09Fiara Tui

    Fiara Tui, a beautiful spring is located 65 km away from Champhai. The spring holds a special place amongst the Mizos as the sweetness, and the purity of its water has been mentioned in many of their writings and folklores.

    The spring that originated from the Tan Tlang Mountain is associated with a popular legend of the region, according to which, there was an orphan named Fiara living in the Lamsial village (the village no longer exists today). Apparently, the boy had a shy nature and never went out to fetch water from the common village spring except for night time and early dawn, when nobody was around.

    It was on a particular day the boy discovered a small spring trickling out from under a rock. The water of the spring was found to be cool, clear and sweet in taste. Henceforth, the spring grew in fame.

    Some even believe the water of the spring to have magical beautifying powers. The best way to get to the area is by taking the regular buses from Aizawl to the Farkawn village (approximately it takes about 3 h). The village is close to where the spring is situated.

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  • 10Thasiama Seno Neihna

    Thasiama Seno Neihna

    Thasiama Seno Neihna is a beautiful plateau on a craggy hill at Vaphai village, which is about 86 km from Champhai. A visit to this plateau is indeed an exciting and thrilling experience. According to legends, this plateau was the place where Thasiama's Mithun would give birth to her calf.

    Considering the height at which this plateau is located, it is practically impossible for a Mithun to go up there even today, but legends say that Thasiama had an affair with a fairy named Chawngtinleri and that this fairy had bestowed a gift to Thasiama that his Mithun would multiply and make him rich and prosperous.

    It was the fairy herself who would guide Thasiama's Mithun to this plateau for delivering her babies safely, and also protect them all against the fierce tigers that inhabited the area. To reach Thasiama Seno Neihna, one may hire a tourist vehicle from Champhai.

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  • 11Mangkhaia Lung

    Mangkhaia Lung

    Mangkhaia Lung is a one of its kind massive structure that is also a memorial stone with a series of human figures engraved upon them. These figures are believed to be of the guardians of the dead. Nearby, there are several smaller stones which have pictures of mithun (an animal particularly found in north-east India) engraved upon them.

    Mangkhaia Lung is 5 m in height. It was raised in about 1700 AD in the memory of a prominent chief of the Ralte tribe, who went by the name of Mangkhaia. Mangkhaia Lung is located in Champhai district of Mizoram and is at a distance of about 194 km from Aizawl.

    One may reach Aizawl by flight from Kolkata or Imphal, or by train from Guwahati. You could also reach Aizawl in a tourist bus from Silchar. From Aizawl to Champhai, the journey has to be made on road by hiring a bus or tourist cab.

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