Hnahlan, Champhai

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Hnahlan is a village located in the Champhai district of Mizoram, 247 kilometres


away from the state capital Aizawl. It is located on the international Myanmar-India boundary, being at a mere 5 kilometres distance away from Myanmar.

The village’s origin can be traced back to the year 1897 when the region was at first occupied by Sailo chief Kaihranga and his successors, only up till the year 1954, when the order for the abolishment of chieftainship was put into action, and the chief was forced to abdicate his position. The village now functions under a Democratic Village Council.

Apart from its great history, Hnahlan is also popular for its wine production, having the name Zawlaidi or “Love Potion”. About 80% of the village’s population is engaged in the wine cultivation. Barring a few set-backs, the winery has been having a consistent performance throughout the years.

Hnahlan is well connected to Aizawl by buses and sumo services.


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