Lamsial Puk, Champhai

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Lamsial Puk is a cave situated in proximity to the Farkawn village, in Champhai district of Mizoram.

The cave stood witness to one of the most fatal wars that was fought in the region. If one is to believe the archived materials, it is said that in the olden times, there was a fierce battle which took place at this very site. The clash happened between two adjacent villages who disagreed upon land issues. A large mound of skeletons was discovered from the cave which belonged to the warriors who lost their lives in the war. These remnants have still been preserved inside the cave along with the artillery used in the war.

The Lamsial Puk cave is at once the evidence of bravery and heroism, as well as of the atrocities and horrors of war. It is this very aspect associated with the cave that calls out to tourists from far off places.

Best way to get to the cave is by taking the bus or a private car from Aizawl to Farkawn (total distance 92 kilometres), or take a flight to the Lengui Airport in Aizawl from any of the metro cities in India.

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