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Overlooking the majestic Myanmar hills, adorned with culture and tradition, popularly known as the ‘Rice Bowl of Mizoram’, Champhai is one tourist destination in north east India that cannot be missed. Champhai tourism is laden with tribal tradition which is boisterous and vibrant, the place where orchids bloom and add colour and richness to the area and where butterflies fly all around making it a place like in fairy-tales.

The Champhai town offers a magnificent view of the blue Myanmar hills. The villages in the district are dotted with small hamlets that seem to be far removed from the maddening crowd of the 21st Century. Ancient monuments and monoliths depict the valiant history of the Mizo tribes and make Champhai rich in culture and tradition.

Champhai is a fast developing town in Mizoram and the district headquarters of the Champhai district. It’s strategic location and proximity to Myanmar has made Champhai a growing border town. It is regarded as the main business corridor for India and Myanmar.

Tourist places in and around Champai

Champhai is not just a growing commercial town that opens trade-ways to Myanmar and further south-east Asia, but it is one of those unexplored tourist destinations in India. The flat lands of Champhai seem to be decorated by the Myanmar hills on all sides exemplifying the beauty of the place. Champhai tourism is particularly famous for tourist places like the Murlen National Park, Mura Puk, Rih dïl Lake and the Thasiama Seno Neihna.

Cultural History of Champhai

The cultural aspects of Champai tourism interests discerning travellers. It is believed that the history of the Mizos start and end in Champhai. Thus, it is a storehouse of ancient relics, monuments and memorials that are believed to be connected with legends and folktales of the Mizos. It is believed that many tribal communities that currently reside in many parts of Mizoram had once lived in Champhai. From the Hmars to the Raltes and the Sailo, many have made this agriculturally fertile land their home.

How to Reach Champhai

Champhai is located 192 kilometres from Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram. Roadways are quite good between the two towns, and regular bus service is available. Apart from bus, private transport and taxis are available at regular intervals.

Champhai weather

Champhai is blessed with a pleasant climate throughout the year. Summers in Champhai are mild while the winters are moderate. Similar to the other parts of Mizoram, Champhai also experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon months. Tourists can visit the town throughout the year.

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