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Thenzawl is one of the most exotic villages in Mizoram that should be in every tourist’s itinerary. Falling under the administration of the Serchhip district, Thenzawl was once upon a time only dense forest. Thenzawl is located about 43 kilometres from the Aizawl - capital of Mizoram.

Till about 1961, Thenzawl was all dense forest where wild animals were regularly spotted. However, after 1961, the forest cover was cleared, cultivated and then inhabited. It is believed that Benghuaia Sailo created the village sometime in about 1963. From those initial days of settlement, today Thenzawl is popularly known for its Mizo handloom industry.

Tourist places in and around Thenzawl

Thenzawl is in no way the quintessential tourist destination. Thenzawl tourism caters to those who look for off-beat travel. It is an out-of-the-way village that is rich in flora and fauna. Thenzawl tourism consists of a few but breathtaking tourist places. The Vantawng Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Mizoram while the Thenzawl Deer Park is home to several kinds of deer. The Chawngchilhi Cave is famous as it is believed that the cave had witnessed the love story of a lady and a snake. The Tualvungi Thlan is famous as it is believed that a woman buried herself beside the grave of her first husband, her first love.

How to Reach Thenzawl

Thenzawl is located 43 kilometres from Aizawl and the state provides regular bus to the village. Tourists can also fly to Aizawl airport and then take the road to Thenzawl. It is also possible to book local cabs directly from Aizawl to reach Thenzawl.

Thenzawl weather

Thenzawl experiences a pleasant and temperate climate throughout the year. While the summers are not very hot, the monsoons bring in heavy rainfall while the winters are dry and sunny. Tourists can visit Thenzawl all throughout the year.

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