Thenzawl Deer park, Thenzawl

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Thenzawl once upon a time was only a dense forest. It is only recently, about 50 years back that the forest cover was reduced and man started inhabiting the place. This is the reason that many deer were frequently spotted in the area. The Thenzawl Deep Park was created to give a protected home to the deer.

Today, the Thenzawl Deer Park has about 17 deer out of which 11 are female, and 6 are male. They are kept in their natural environment, and only the boundaries are protected. Tourists can visit the Thenzawl Deep Park and literaly see these pretty animals quite close.

The Thenzawl Deep Park is located close to the village and tourists staying at the village can easily walk to the deep park. However for tourists staying in Aizawl will have to book a taxi or take a bus to first reach the village of Thenzawl.

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