Rih dil, Champhai

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Rih Dïl, also known as Rih Li is a beautiful heart-shaped lake that is located 22 kilometres inside Myanmar. The lake is approximately one mile in length and half a mile in width. This lake is believed to be the passage to heaven for the souls of the dead. A strange feature of the lake is that its South West floor happens to be more deeper than the north west and that it gets deep abruptly immediately after the edge of the water.

There are several folktales which surrounds this amazing and picturesque lake.

Ril Dïl is a rarely visited place even today because of the difficulty to access this region. Yet, public bus facility has been provided from the Indo-Myanmar gate which will take you to the Rih. One can also get permission to visit the lake from the Deputy Commissioner's office at Champhai.

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