Lianchhiari Lunglentlang, Champhai

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Lianchhiari Lunglentlang is a stunningly picturesque cliff situated at a distance of 64 kilometres from Champhai district in Duntlang village of Mizoram. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that one glance at the cliff, and it takes your breath away.

The cliff has a rocky projection jutting out to a dangerous distance out. One can spend hours sitting on the rocky ledge, enjoying the cool breeze. Amidst the stark clear blue skies and overlooking a range of mountains below it gives one the feeling of being in another heaven altogether.

The cliff gets its name from a famous love story. The legend goes that the daughter (Lianchhiari) of the chief of Duntlang village fell in love with a commoner, called Chawngfianga. Their love could not flourish, and the boy was forced to leave the village. Heartbroken, Lianchhiari would sit at the tip of the cliff and watch the distant village to where her lover had migrated.

The cliff truly inspires art and poetry, and it is no wonder that Lianchhiari composed many a rueful songs of love sitting on this very cliff.

The best way to reach is by taking a bus or private car from Champhai.

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