Mizo Hlakungpui Mual, Champhai

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Mizo Hlakungpui Mual, also known as Mizo Poet’s Square, is a monument that was built to commemorate the Mizo poets. It is located at Khawbung village of Mizoram, at a distance of about 100 kilometres from Chittagong, Bangladesh.

The origin of the monuments came from the people of Khawbung village in 1983, when the Executive Committee of Khawbung Branch YMA decided to build a memorial in honour of their two great poets, Patea and Damhuahva.

Eventually, the locals decided to add every Mizo poet and writer who had made evident contributions to Mizo literature to this memorial. The names are added a minimum of 5 years after the death of the author.

One may reach Hlakungpui Mual by hiring a tourist vehicle from Aizawl or Champhai.

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