Fiara Tui, Champhai

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Fiara Tui, a beautiful spring is located in 65 kilometres away from Champhai. The spring holds a special place amongst the Mizos as the sweetness, and the purity of its water has been mentioned in many of their writings and folklores.

The spring that originated from the Tan Tlang Mountain is associated with a popular legend of the region, according to which, there was an orphan named Fiara living in the Lamsial village (the village no longer exists today). Apparently, the boy had a shy nature and never went out to fetch water from the common village spring except for night time and early dawn, when nobody was around. It was on a particular day the boy discovered a small spring trickling out from under a rock. The water of the spring was found to be cool, clear and sweet in taste. Henceforth, the spring grew in fame. Some even believe the water of the spring to have magical beautifying powers.

The best way to get to the area is by taking the regular buses from Aizawl to the Farkawn village (approximately it takes about 3 hours). The village is close to where the spring is situated.

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