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Famous River Ghats of Kolkata

Written By: Akshatha Vinayak

The city of Kolkata stands as one of the unique centres among Indian cities. Vibrant culture, dazzling heritage with a pinch of colonial effect make it an interesting place. To top it all, the Hoogly River forms an integral part of this historical city. Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial, Eden Gardens, St.Paul's Cathedral, etc. are familiar but the river ghats of Kolkata are hardly known outside the city or state.

Yes, the river ghats have played a major role in Kolkata. Just like the Ganga river ghats in Varanasi, these ghats on the banks of Hoogly River are adored.

River Ghats of Kolkata

As seen from Babu Ghat

Baboo Ghat

Baboo ghat or the Babu Ghat is one of the oldest river ghats in Kolkata. It is named after Babu Raj Chandra Das, a zamindar and a rich man during the colonial times. In fact, this ghat was built in the memory of Babu Raj Chandra Das by his wife Rani Rasmoni. Since it was during the colonial times, the entrance to the ghat has been built in Doric-Greek architecture. Today, Baboo Ghat is totally crowded with vendors and passengers crossing the Hooghly River to reach the Howrah station.

Prinsep Ghat

A view from Prinsep Ghat
PC: BuntySourav

Princep Ghat

Princep Ghat was built in the memory of James Prinsep, a British Scholar. The Princep Ghat has a monument which has Greek and Gothic architecture. For many years, the Prisep Ghat has been one of the hangout spots in Kolkata. The views of Vidhya Sagar Setu (Bridge) and the Hoogly River at Princep Ghat attracts many visitors.

River Ghats of Kolkata

Armenian Ghat
PC: Soumen Ray

Armenian Ghat

It is said that the Armenians were one of the first foreign settlers in Kolkata. In fact, this ghat was also built by an Armenian. Hence, it became famous as Armenian Ghat in Kolkata. Interestingly, this ghat is famous for flower market and an electrifying environment. The ghat is buzzing with vendors and visitors.

Famous River Ghats of Kolkata

Distant View of Chandpal Ghat

Chandpal Ghat

Chandpal Ghat is one among the tourist attractions in Kolkata. Interestingly, this ghat is named after a shopkeeper who had a shop at this ghat. Chandpal Ghat is yet another popular river ghat in Kolkata. It is believed to be named after Chandranath Paul, the shop keeper.

Jagannath Ghat

Jagannath Ghat also has a European touch which allures every visitor. Also, the flower market brightens this bank on the Hoogly River. Jagannath Ghat was earlier named as Shobharam Basak's Ghat.

These river ghats have been an integral part of Kolkata tourism. Today, they serve as hangouts as well as market places in the Kolkata. Each river ghat has a different story behind its construction by denoting its importance. Having said that, these are the places where you can enjoy the scenic vistas of Hoogly River.

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