» »Khooni Nadi In Delhi: A Mysterious River Inhabited By Ghosts

Khooni Nadi In Delhi: A Mysterious River Inhabited By Ghosts

PC- Corey Balazowich

Can you imagine places like Delhi, which fall under the category of the busiest cities, are also home to haunted spots? Well, that is true. Even lively cities like Delhi which remain vibrant throughout the day are influenced by several paranormal activities and haunted places is not a new thing in India. Have you ever been to any one of these haunted places in Delhi?

If not, then you must visit them unless you are one creature who gets afraid of even their own shadow. Khooni Nadi is one such place in this metropolitan city which has been the talk of the town since several incidents related to its mysteriousness have been noticed. Are you curious to know more about this spooky spot? Well, read on then.

The Location And Surroundings Of Khooni Nadi

Located near the centre of Delhi in the Rohini district, Khooni Nadi is a small stream surrounded by trees and green vegetation and is believed to be a haunted place, as the locals living in that region have noticed several mysterious incidents here.

Even though solid evidence to prove this site is a spooky spot has not been found, it still scares most of the people living in the area. Therefore, you can hardly find any local chilling or roaming around this pond after the sun has set. Doesn't it seem strange? Certainly, yes! So, why not get yourself to this unexplainable place and unveil its mysteries?

What's So Spooky About Khooni Nadi

Khooni Nadi In Delhi

It is believed that anyone touching the water of Khooni Nadi will certainly get sucked inside the waterbody. As per locals, such incidents have taken place a lot of times. However, most of them were related to suicides. People going into the waters of Khooni Nadi never return to real life, instead, they turn into ghosts and wander around the stream.

It is also said that anyone loitering around Khooni Nadi during the evening time can also hear the unusual sounds of crying people. Isn't it scary? The major reason which makes this natural spot a nightmare lies in the fact that the depth of the stream is very less in comparison to other average rivers. Still, people are drowned here. It is certainly a mystery which needs to be solved.

Why You Should Visit Khooni Nadi

Unless you do not quest for mysteries to get them solved, Khooni Nadi is your destination. If you are one amongst those who always get fascinated by ghost stories and tend to unravel mysterious places, then you must visit Khooni Nadi. However, you need to be very careful as there have been several incidents of death in the region. If you think you cannot handle yourself at such places, it is advisable to forget the idea of getting there.

How To Reach Khooni Nadi

Being located in the centre of the Delhi, it is easily accessible by rail, road and air, as Delhi is well connected to all other major cities and towns by all modes of transport. Hence, you can conveniently approach the region of Khooni Nadi by road.

However, if you are travelling by air or rail, you need to catch a cab to Rohini district in Delhi from the airport and the station respectively. Once you have reached the locality, you can ask anyone; they will certainly guide you to the region of Khooni Nadi.

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