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Plant-Animals, Seascape, the Gaint Shoe & More at Hanging Gardens of Mumbai!

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No matter how many times we visit parks and gardens, it never gets boring. Such is the charm and beauty of nature. The concept of parks and gardens go back to several centuries. Today, we see a fusion of traditional and modern techniques in the creation of interesting gardens. The Hanging Gardens of Mumbai is one such happy spot for the city dwellers.

Picnicking at the Hanging Gardens!

Plant Trimmed in the Shape of an Elephant
PC: Dennis Jarvis

Overlooking the Chowpatty Beach, this garden is a visual delight. You will enjoy the artistically crafted plants and also the views of Marine Drive and Chowpatty Beach. The Pherozshah Mehta Gardens (Hanging Gardens) is a terrace garden located at Malabar Hill in Mumbai. It was created over Mumbai reservoir to curb the contamination of water.

Picnicking at the Hanging Gardens!

Hanging Gardens
PC: Bahnfrend

Today, the Hanging Gardens with the neighbouring Kamala Nehru Park are some of the enchanting picnic spots in Mumbai. Rejuvenating sea breeze, colourful flowers spread across the park, neatly maintained surroundings and gorgeously trimmed plants keep you engaged at Hanging Gardens.

Picnicking at the Hanging Gardens!

Hanging Gardens
PC: Leonora (Ellie) Enking

The picnic doesn't end here, let us head to Kamala Nehru Park which is situated just opposite to the Hanging Gardens.

Kamala Nehru Park is a children's park named after the wife of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. The Ashoka Chakra, a watch tower in the shape of a shoe and the splendid vistas of Chowpatty Beach are some of the main attractions of Kamala Nehru Park.

Picnicking at the Hanging Gardens!

Shoe Watch Tower
PC: Thomas Galvez

The Shoe Watch Tower is inspired by the English rhyme 'There Was An Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe'. There are stairs inside the structure which leads to the top of the shoe. The structure is made for children and it is narrow inside.

Kamala Nehru Park has a children's play area where slides, swings, etc. are there. Only children below 12 years are allowed to play here.

Picnicking at the Hanging Gardens!

A View of Beach
PC: Gayatri Priyadarshini

Actually, you don't have to end your outing after exploring the Hanging Gardens and the Kamala Nehru Park! Yes, that is the interesting thing about the Malabar Hills.

Malabar Hills is a posh residential area which has the villas of most elite people of Mumbai. It is also the venue of Walkeshwar (Vulkeshwar) Temple and Banganga Tank. Walkeshwar is an ancient Shiva Temple which has a unique legend.

Picnicking at the Hanging Gardens!

Walkeshwar Temple
PC: wikipedia

According to the legend, Lord Rama and Lakshman came here while they were searching for Sita. Meanwhile, Lord Rama had to pray Lord Shiva; he ordered Laksman to get the lingam. Lakshman didn't return for a long time, so Lord Rama created a Lingam out of sand. Therefore, this place came to be known as Walkeshwar meaning an idol made of sand.

Walkeshwar Temple was destroyed during the invasion of the Portuguese. It was reconstructed and today it is one of the famous temples in Mumbai. You can also visit the Jain Temple after Walkeshwar Temple.

Picnicking at the Hanging Gardens!

Banganga Tank
PC: Oknitop

Banganga Tank is a holy water tank in the complex of Walkeshwar Temple. Legend says that once Lord Rama was very thirsty and there was no water source. So, he immediately shot an arrow into the ground and a water spring was created. This spring is believed to be a tributary of Ganga River. Hence, the name 'Banganga' meaning a spring created by an arrow (baan).

Picnicking at the Hanging Gardens!

An Amazing View From Malabar Hill
PC: A.Savin

Here our little expedition to Mumbai's Malabar Hills come to an end. Do make a little time to explore these beautiful spots. No doubt, the Hanging Gardens, Kamala Nehru Park and the Walkeshwar Temple are some of the top tourist places in Mumbai.

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