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Patnitop or Patni Top is a beautiful hill resort situated in the Udhampur District of Jammu and Kashmir. The place was originally known as 'Patan Da Talab', translated as ‘the pond of the princess’. According to a legend, the pond was used by a princess for her daily baths. The name, however, changed to Patnitop from 'Patan Da Talab' over the years.

What Is It About Patnitop?

The resort is located at an altitude of 2024 m on top of a plateau. The dense deodar forests, rolling hills, breathtaking views, and tranquil atmosphere makes Patnitop an ideal picnic spot. There are also three freshwater springs located in the area that are a source of pristine and chilled waters.

The springs are believed to hold medicinal properties and can be visited if time permits. During the winter season, tourists make a beeline to Patnitop to participate in a number of outdoor activities, such as skiing and trekking. Patnitop is also suitable for activities, such as golf, paragliding, aero sports, horse riding, and photography, among others.

Tourist Places In And Around Patnitop

The popular tourist attractions include the Naag (Cobra) Temple, the Buddha Amarnath Temple, the Bahu Fort and Temple as well as sacred spots like the Sudh Mahadev, Gaurikund, Kud, and Shiva Garh.

How To Reach Patnitop

Although Patnitop is lacking an airport and a railway station, tourists can easily access the resort town via Jammu. Tourists can take state transport buses or cabs to reach Patnitop, on reaching Jammu airport or railway station.

Best Time To Visit Patnitop

It is known as a year-round destination; however, the most suitable time to visit is from the months of May to June and September to October. The duration between December and February is suitable for indulging in a host of adventure sports like skiing and trekking.

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