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  • 01Kud


    Kud is a major attraction near Patnitop. This town is a committee area and is designated for future development by legal provision. It is located at an elevation of 1738 m and is a part of the lower regions of the Himalayan range. The town is popular for sweets, particularly for its hot and fresh patisa. The place is also known for its serene beauty and attracts maximum number of tourists during snowy winters and months of May and June.

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  • 02The Naag (Cobra) Temple

    The Naag (Cobra) Temple

    The Naag (Cobra) Temple is considered to be extremely beautiful, and a must visit attraction of Patnitop. This temple is located on the top of a hill, surrounded by mountains on all the sides. It is mostly made of wood and is believed to be 600 years old. A belief goes that pilgrims should enter the temple only in daylight.

    During the famous Naag Panchami festival, a huge number of tourists make their way to this temple to pray for happiness and prosperity. Pilgrims say that those visiting the temple never leave empty handed. Tourists willing to brave extreme chilly evenings can visit the temple during the winter season. Many avoid this season as the mountains, towards the later part of the day, at this time of the year are almost always shrouded in fog and visibility can go down to a minimum of a mere 10 ft.

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  • 03Sudh Mahadev

    Sudh Mahadev

    Sudh Mahadev, situated near Patnitop, is a 2,800 years old temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva. According to a legend, Goddess Parvati, the consort of Shiva, was immersed in worshipping the 'shivling' when a demon named Sudheet appeared to pay his homage. The sight of the demon frightened Parvati, making Her cry out. Her scream woke Shiva who until then was asleep. The startled god then flung His ‘trishul’ (trident) at the demon. Shiva soon realised His mistake and offered to return the demon his life. Sudheet, however, sought salvation by dying at the hands of his god. It is after this incident that the place is said to have received the name of Sudh Mahadev. The remains of the 'trishul' are still believed to be present within the temple.

    This temple is also known as the place where Baba Roop Nath took samadhi around thousands of years ago. The dhooni or ‘eternal flame’ of Baba Roop Nath still continues to burn and can be seen at the temple even today. On the occasion of 'jeshta purnima', the full moon night of June, a large number of pilgrims visit the temple. The Mantalai Ashram, another popular tourist attraction, is located nearby.

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  • 04Bahu Fort And Temple

    Bahu Fort and Temple is one of the ancient forts of the country, believed to be built around 3,000 years ago. This temple is situated on the banks of river Tawi. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess of time and change, Kali, popularly known as Bave Wali Mata.

    It is said that this temple was originally built by Raja Bahulochan and later renovated by Dogra Rulers. Though the temple can be visited on any day, Tuesdays and Sundays are considered ideal. Another attraction is the Bhave-ki-Bahu, a picturesque park based on the Mughal gardens surrounding the Bahu Fort, providing an extensive view of Jammu. The park is ideal for picnics.

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  • 05Shiva Garh

    Shiva Garh

    Shiva Garh is one of the trekking routes of Patnitop that is highly recommended. It is situated at an elevation of 3500 m. Visitors say that usually, deep in the lush pine forests, the only sound that can be heard is the clanging of bells tied around the neck of cattle. Picnic lovers and adventure enthusiasts find Shiva Garh to be an ideal destination.

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  • 06Buddha Amarnath Temple

    Buddha Amarnath Temple, dedicated to Hindu deity Shiva, is one of the prime attractions of Patnitop. The shrine houses a 'Shivling' made of natural white stone and is located at the foothills of mountains on the left side of the rivulet, Pulsata. According to a legend, this river has been named after sage Pulsata, grandfather of Ravana, who is believed to have meditated near the river.

    On the eve of Raksha Bandhan, a Hindu festival that celebrates the bond between a brother and a sister, a huge rush is seen at the temple. The Buddha Amarnath Temple is considered to be a must visit destination while at Patnitop. Tourists can hire jeeps or take buses to reach the temple.

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  • 07Gaurikund Sudh Mahadev

    Gaurikund Sudh Mahadev

    Gaurikund is believed to be the place where Goddess Parvati took Her baths everyday before Her prayers. The common belief among pilgrims is that taking a dip in the waters can ward off ill luck.

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