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Jaunpur is a city in Jaunpur district in Uttar Pradesh. The history of the region dates to 1359 when it was known as Shiraz-e-Hind; it was founded by Feroz Shah Tughlaq. Modern-day Jaunpur has yet to taste the fruits of the economic growth being witnessed by the rest of the country. However, Jaunpur tourism sports historical and holy sites that attract visitors throughout the year.

Tourist Places In And Around Jaunpur

Jaunpur tourism is packed with several interesting monuments, museums and holy places that attract thousands of visitors every year from all corners of the country. One such tourist place is the Shahi Bridge also known as Mughal Bridge, Akbari Bridge or Munim Khan’s Bridge. It is one of the few important landmarks of Mughal style architecture currently existing in Jaunpur.

The Shahi Qila (Royal Fort) located close to the Shahi Bridge on the Gomti river has a checkered history. It has been built on the site and by using the materials of a temple that was destroyed by the Mughal invaders. The Atala Masjid was also built after a temple by the same name was destroyed. The Jama Masjid is a 15th-century monument which was built during the reign of Firoz Shah Tughlak in India. The Lal Darwaza Masjid was also built by the material appropriated from the Hindu palaces, temples and other monuments that were destroyed by the Muslim fanatics.

How To Reach Jaunpur

Jaunpur can be reached by road and rail. Those who prefer to travel by air will have to take a flight to Delhi and travel either by rail or road to reach Jaunpur.

Best Time To Visit Jaunpur

The best time to visit Jaunpur is from November to February.  

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How to Reach Jaunpur

  • By Road
    Jaunpur is well connected to major towns and cities in Uttar Pradesh such as Lucknow, Varanasi, and Allahabad. NH-56, SH-36 connects all major cities to Jaunpur.
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  • By Train
    Jaunpur is well-connected to  all major cities of India through three major railway stations: Jaunpur City Station, Shahganj Junction, and Kerakat Station. There are daily trains from Delhi and Mumbai.
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  • By Air
    Jaunpur does not have an airport. You can take a flight to Delhi and from there travel to the city via bus or train.
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