Shahi Bridge, Jaunpur

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Shahi Bridge, variously known as Mughal Bridge, Akbari Bridge or Munim Khan’s Bridge, was built by Munim Khan, the governor of the state of Jaunpur during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Designed by an Afghan architect, Afzal Ali, the bridge was built over the river Gomti during 1568-1569. It is one of the few important landmarks of Mughal style architecture currently existing in Jaunpur.

The bridge, standing upon ten openings or gateways for the flow of water, is built upon huge pylons. There are hexagon shaped chattris or umbrella like pavilions erected upon the pillars. These are projected beyond the bridge and are supported by brackets. These roofed structures enable people to stand securely from the traffic and watch the picturesque grandeur while enjoying the scenic flow of water under its arched gateways.

Shahi Bridge is situated at a distance of 1.7 km in the north of the city of Jaunpur and is still being used for traffic.

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