Atala Masjid, Jaunpur

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Located 2.2 kms in the northeast of Jaunpur, Atala Masjid was built by Sultan Ibrahim Sharqi, the ruler of Jaunpur in the year 1408 although its foundation was laid in 1377 during the time of Firoz Shah Tughlak III, the Sultan of Delhi.

A Hindu temple dedicated to Atala Devi was first destroyed, and the mosque was built at the place. The mosque takes its name from the temple and also bears a strong resemblance.

The architectural design and style of the mosque, its niches, beams, pillars and walls bear close resemblance to the mosques, tombs and other monuments constructed by Sultan Muhammad Shah Tughlaq and Firoz Shah Tughlaq in Delhi. It has a remarkable similarity to the Begampur Masjid.

The mosque can be accessed through a magnificent arched portico which leads to a spacious prayer hall. It is roofed with three domes of various sizes. Atala Masjid is one of the landmark monuments in Jaunpur.

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