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Yelagiri, also spelt as Elagiri, is a small hill station in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu and is a back packer’s paradise. Its history dates back to the colonial times, when the whole of Yelagiri was the private property of the Yelagiri Zamindars whose house still exists in Reddiiyur. In the early 1950s, Yelagiri was taken by the Government of India. Located at a height of 1048 meters above sea level, Yelagiri hill station is a cluster of 14 hamlets inhabited by the tribal folk. Populated with various tribes, Yelagiri is not as developed as some of the other hill stations of Tamil Nadu such as Ooty or Kodaikanal. Recently, however, the district administration of Yelagiri has tried to promote adventure tourism in the area by promoting sports such as paragliding and rock climbing.

The first thing one would notice upon arriving at Yelagiri is the quiet and peaceful surrounding and the rustic beauty around the place. The place is infused with the smell of fresh fruits and foliage as it is surrounded by orchards, rose garden and green valleys. Driving through the picturesque landscape can be spectacular. A Place for Activities

Yelagiri, an adventure sports spot!

The Yelagiri hills are popular among adventure sports lover. In fact, it has been recently selected as the second best natural spot for sports in India after Panchgani in Maharashtra. Yelagiri also has several temples, which can make it an attractive tourist destination for both the young and the old. Punganur Lake is the most popular landmark of Yelagiri. Boating here can give one the chance to experience the scenic beauty of the place surrounded by hills. The enormous green plains can be seen from the Ghat and visitors can use their telescope to enjoy the wide spread rustic beauty. Nilavoor Lake is one more place to go for boating.

Tourist places in and around Yelagiri

The site seeing options also includes temples such as Velavan Temple, hill stations like Swamimalai Hill,  trekking uphill etc.

For nature lovers, there is a Natural Park and Government Herbal & Fruit Farm. If you love enjoy gazing stars, do not forget to step into Telescope House and Vainu Bappu Solar Observatory.

Best time to visit Yelagiri

Yelagiri is during the winters in the months of November to February. However, the climate remains moderate throughout the year. The summer temperature varies from 18° Celsius to 34° Celsius, while the winter temperature varies from 11° Celsius to 25° Celsius. Moderate rainfall is received in the months of July to September.

The place is also very attractive during Pongal which is celebrated in January and Diwali which is celebrated during October. These two festivals are celebrated in Yelagiri with much pomp and glory. The summer festival, Kodai Vizah celebrated for three days in the month of May is also a major tourist attraction.

How to reach Yelagiri

Yelagiri is well connected and fairly easy to reach. Bangalore airport is the closest airport to Yelagiri. From the airport, one can hire a cab to Yelagiri. The Chennai airport is also close to Yelagiri. The nearest railhead to Yelagiri is Jolarpettai Junction from which buses and cabs are easily available. The road to Yelagiri is well connected from Ponneri, in Tamil Nadu. Buses are available at regular intervals from Chennai, Salem, Hosur and Bangalore. However, the bus journey can be really long and taxing. It is advisable to take a train or drive down to Yelagiri.

Milestones and signboards mark the way well if you want to drive to Yelagiri and petrol pumps are sufficient on the plains. However, it is necessary to stock up as there are none in the hills. It is a smooth ride to Yelagiri.

A little shopping inYelagiri

Do not forget to buy your bottle of honey and jackfruits on your way back home as Yelagiri has the best honey in Tamil Nadu. Homemade honey is produced by raising bees. Natural honey produced by wild bees on rocks and trees is also extracted by the locals. Thus, Yelagiri is a perfect holiday destination if you are looking to spend some time in the lap of Mother Nature.

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