» »Travel to the 5 Unique Hot Spring Destinations in India

Travel to the 5 Unique Hot Spring Destinations in India

By Manoj Menon

Hot water springs are huge tourist attractions and India has over 350 hot springs to boast of. They are considered to have healing properties, and after taking a dip in these springs people have claimed to have been cured of many diseases. The mineral content of these springs coupled with the high temperature is believed to be the reason behind their curative properties. Here is a guide to few of the places in India that are known to have hot water springs.

Travel to the 5 Unique Hot Spring Destinations in India

1. Bakreshwar

Situated on the edge of the Chhotanagpur plateau, Bakreshwar is a famous pilgrimage spot and holds a distinct identity as one of the popular sightseeing spots of West Bengal. It is one of the hot spring destinations in India.

People from all corners of the country flock here to take a bath in these natural springs. The hot water springs of Bakreshwar are also a source of helium gas. Some of the important hot springs here include Baitarini Ganga, Paphara Ganga, Khar Kunda and many more.

2. Atri

Atri in Odisha is well known for its hot sulphur springs. Located 42 km from Bhubaneswar, these hot springs maintain a stable temperature of 55°C throughout the day. Adjoining the hot springs in Atri there is a bathing complex that offers you the option of taking a dip in this mineral laden water. The steam bath will leave you fresh and rejuvenated. You can also visit the famous Lord Hatakeswar Temple on your tour to Atri.


The hot water spring in Odisha
Photo Courtesy: Krupasindhu Muduli

3. Yumesamdong

Yumesamdong is situated at an elevation of 4724 mt above the sea level in Sikkim and is well known for its hot springs. The picturesque town has as many as 14 Sulphur hot springs.

The hot springs are accessible to travellers and gives you a great chance to take a dip in the curative waters. The bath is sure to leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. Also when visiting here do explore the region and see the many attractions this scenic place hast to offer.

4. Manikaran

Located 45 km from Kullu, at an altitude of 1760 mt, Manikaran is a famous for its natural hot springs. The water is said to have high contents of Sulphur, Uranium and other radioactive minerals and the temperature of the water remains above boiling point.

Manikaran is a major pilgrimage centre for Hindus and Sikhs and is therefore flocked by devotees all round the year. You can take a bath in the hot water within the premises of a Gurudwara here.


A steaming hot water spring.
Photo Courtesy: balu

5. Panamik

Situated in the Nubra Valley, around 9 km from the beginning of the Siachen glacier, Panamik in Ladakh is another unique hot spring destination of India. The hot water spring is rich in sulfur and the water is so hot that it bubbles.

Travellers coming here can only view the spring and cannot take a dip it in owing to the boiling temperature. It is also advised to stay a bit far from the hot water spring as the rocks around it is very slippery because of sulphur coating and the presence of green algae.


A hot water spring in Panamik.
Photo Courtesy: Elroy Serrao

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