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Thrissur – A Meeting Point of History, Culture And Leisure


Thrissur is an ideal destination for a holiday, if it's not just the senses you are trying to indulge. Known as the Cultural Capital of Kerala, it is that exotic location which will open your eyes to the world of beauty created through the craftmanship of both men and the Gods.

Thrissur, short for Thrishivaperur (translated, literally means The City with Lord Shiva’s name), owes its name to the presiding Deity at the Vadakkumnathan Kshetram.

Tourist Places In And Around Thrissur

Some of the attractions in Thrissur are the Bible Tower, The Chavakkad Beach and the Kerala Kalamandalam.

Testimonies Of The Bygone Age

Qualifying its name, the city enshrines the beauty of divinity, nature, and its culture thereof, in multifarious forms. The city is sure to stir your imagination with its history shining forth in the architecture of its ancient places of worship; the vast treasure of history carefully preserved in its many archives, museums and many stories that are waiting to be retold and re-imagined.

Having experienced the reign of the Portuguese, Dutch and the English, this city stands as the celebration of its glorious, captivating past.

It's Much More Than A City....

For an outdoorsy experience, there are a string of waterfalls, beaches, a dam that paint the world a different hue for the pleasure of your soul and senses.

Best Time To Visit Thrissur

A bustling hub of commerce, the city exudes a hospitable spirit throughout the year, but it would be best to avoid the heat and humidity of April-May, though this is the period the famed eight-day Pooram festival attracts many a devotees as well as tourists.

October - February is the ideal time for a visit. Thrissur doesn't have an airport but has buses plying to it from various places. Trains are the most convenient in most cases.

Thrissur Weather

Best Season / Best Time to Visit Thrissur

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How to Reach Thrissur

  • By Road
    You can reach Thrissur by bus from select locations such as Bangalore, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Kannur, Kozhikode, Kochi etc. There are various private and Government buses that provide these services. This might prove to be more expensive and may not make for a comfortable journey.
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  • By Train
    Thrissur has a well connected by railways to most cities of India. Trains are available on a daily basis to major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad etc.
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  • By Air
    Thrissur doesn't have an airport. The closest airport is the Kochi airport which is 58 KMs away from Thrissur city. Airlines connect Kochi to Middle East, Singapore, Europe, Sri Lanka directly. There are flights flying to all major cities in India from Kochi. In the event that there are no routes available, one could fly to one of the cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi etc. ,.and connect through train, bus or flight from there.
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