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Athirapally – The Charm Of Cascading Thrills



Athirapally is located in Mukundapuram Taluk, Thrissur district. It is situated 60 km away from Thrissur and 70 km away from Kochi. It is famous for its majestic waterfalls and enchanting rain forests. This place is rich in biodiversity. Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh had called this valley a Silent Valley. Athirappally also houses the Vazhachal and the Charpa waterfalls. The ecosystem of this place is considered to be one of its kind in the state of Kerala.

Flourished With Fauna

The area is near the Western Ghats, which are known for the intense green cover and vivid wildlife. These Ghats are famous for the forests that are known as the Athirapally Vazhachal area.

The forests are home to many endangered and rare species of animals and birds. The Wildlife Trust of India had called this green cover ‘a symbol of best elephant conservation efforts in India’. The International Bird Association pointed out that Athirapally is an important area owing to the various kinds of winged species found here, such as the endangered hornbill that is present in four varieties, in this place.

There is a diverse variety in the flora and fauna found here. As a result, the Asian Nature Conservation Foundation recommended the area to be declared as a national park or a sanctuary. The forest is divided into five main divisions: Athirapally, Vazhachal, Charpa, Kollathirumedu and Sholayar. For all the roadways and pathways that have been made, however, one should exercise great caution while treading on them. Many small streams and the main river Chalakuddy is up for view during the rainy season. Life is just busting around the region waiting to be discovered and experienced.

A Land Of Waterfalls And Beauty - Tourist Places In And Around Athirappally

The forests here are also home to primitive tribals called Kodars who specialize in collecting natural honey, wax, sago and spices like cardamom and ginger. You can have a look at the Kodars’ way of life too. Hence, the village is considered to be a tourism hotspot in the God's Own Country Kerala, and is one of the extremely exotic places to visit, owing to so much diversity. The other attractions are the waterfalls, which are equally breath-taking and can make you go awestruck.

Best Time To Visit Athirapally

The Athirapally Waterfalls, Vazhachal Waterfall and Charpa Waterfall make this place a tourist destination. The best time to visit the waterfalls is regulated, and it is open for public view between 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. You can go for trekking, picnic, shopping, river rafting and other leisure activities in these regions.

There are two amusement parks situated nearby. They are the Dreamworld and the Silverstorm. These two parks in Athirapally introduce a uniqueness of amusement with an energetic feel of elegance. Discover the richness of Athirapally, the concordance of nature, touched by the divine power, decked with the Western Ghats and rich biodiversity. Pack your backpacks now to visit this heaven on earth in the rainy season and during the winter season.

How To Reach Athirapally

Athirapally is connected by road, and you can reach here by travelling to its nearest railway station or airport.

Athirapally is Famous for

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How to Reach Athirapally

  • By Road
    It is about 55 km away from Kochi by road. There are many good buses both private and government which are available from Bangalore and Kochi. The journey from Bangalore to Cochin is overnight. The waterfalls can be reached by the Chalakuddy highway, also called SH-21, in a taxi or by boarding a bus from the Chalakuddy Bus Terminal. Do not travel in the night as this highway connects Tamil Nadu and Kerala and is situated right in the middle of the thick dense forest and it can be dangerous.
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  • By Train
    Thrissur and the Kochi are the two major railheads which are close to the waterfall. The Thrissur Junction is about 78 km and the Kochi junction is about 66 km away from Athirappilly. Chalakuddy railway is a small town station but it is the nearest located to it which is located about 31 km away.
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  • By Air
    The nearest airport to Athirappilly is the Cochin International Airport which is about 55 km away. This airport is 58 km away from the city of Thrissur, in case you want to come to Athirappilly via Thrissur.
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