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Kalpetta is a small sleepy town filled with the aroma of coffee from its coffee plantation and surrounded by picturesque mountains. It lies in the lap of Wayanad district at a height of about 780 m above sea level. It is a wonderful place to visit for the nature lovers as well as a delight for the devotees who come to pay homage at the numerous beautifully designed places of worships.

This place can be called a Hindu pilgrimage as it has many famous shrine and temples. The most famous ones are the the Gramam Devi Temple, Sri Maha Vishnu Temple and the Ayappa Swamy Temple. The Maha Vishnu Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu as its name suggests, is one of the few Vishnu temples in this region. The Gramam Devi Temple is a favourite with the local women. The Ayappa Swamy Temple is devoted to Lord Ayappa. This temple is located on the outskirts of Kalpetta. Besides, there are several Jain temples in Kalpetta and Puliyarmala Jain Temple being the most noted one. Apart from these temples, Kalpetta also houses the 300-year-old Varambetta Mosque.

Tourist Places In And Around Kalpetta

The scenic beauty of this place is further widened by the cascading waterfalls of Meenmutty, Soochipara and Kanthanpara. These waterfalls are all in adjacent places. With the holy places and the natural beauties and bounties of nature, Kalpetta becomes a favourite tourist spot.

Kalpetta Weather

Moreover, the climate of Kalpetta is favourable throughout the year, but the best time to visit is during the winter season.

How To Reach Kalpetta

This town can be reached by road, train and by air.

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