Puliyarmala Jain Temple, Kalpetta

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The Puliyarmala Jain Temple is well known for its excellent architecture and crafted pillars. It is devoted to Ananthanatha Swami a very important saint for the Jains. This Jain temple is located six km away from Kalpetta and is a famous pilgrim center for the Jains. This temple is a delight for art lovers. The entrance doors are meticulously engraved, and they hold three panels. There is granite pillar at the outer entrance. The temple also has the Stupa. The Stupa is modeled on the traditional Dravidian style. It has very colourful and detailed carvings in a pyramid shape. The model of the Jain God Mahaveer is etched on the top of the Stupa. The main shrine consists of small steps which have 20 different Jain idols carefully chiselled on them. The Puliyarmala Jain Temple is an excellent example of uncommon Jain architecture.


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