Athirappilly Waterfalls, Athirapally

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The Athirappilly Waterfall originates from the Chalakudy River which has its source from the Western Ghats. This spectacular waterfall has been also called as the Niagara Falls of India. The Chalakudy River flows through the Vazachula forest division. The falls gurgles are from a height of 24 m and join the river flowing below. The waterfall can be viewed from various places, from the road which wades through the forest you can have a look at the water gushing down into the deep river.

You can also view the waterfall from the top for which you have to get an entry ticket and enter through the main entrance. There are also small restaurants, coffee shops for tourists to relax. Road has been constructed through most of the area for smooth traffic though caution must be taken while travelling through it. For a second view you can go down towards the fall, where again a road has been constructed. For the most beautiful view you can go to the bottom of the fall and look at the falls descending down. The road here is also sloped.


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