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Thiruvilvamala, Thrissur

Thiruvilvamala is a serene village situated 50 km north of Thrissur. Known primarily as a temple town, it contains a horde of temples with presiding deities of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. There aren't many temples dedicated to Lord Rama in Kerala; Thiruvilvamala is unique in that it is the ground for Vilwadrinath Temple, with the presiding deity of Lord Rama.

It attracts many devotees from far and wide. Situated on the banks of the river Bhatahappuzha, this self-sufficient village offers the calm environment for a spiritual retreat. The village is also famous for the Parakkottukavu Thalappoli Festival, similar to the Thrissur Pooram festival.

Also, worth keeping in mind is the kasavu, or the brocade for a saree sold in the village. One can rent a car or take a bus from Thrissur to get to the village.