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Thrissur Weather

Between the scorching heat of the summer on one hand and the erratic, incessant rains of the monsoons, the best time to visit the city would be the winters, that is between October and February. Whether it be trekking or a laid-back sight-seeing, this weather will be favourable for your style to explore the “cultural capital” of Kerala.


March-May : Thrissur has a dry and sultry summer with temperatures ranging from 30-35 degrees celcius. This weather can prove draining and tourists should avoid visiting the city during this time.


June to September: Monsoon in Thrissur sets in with the South-west monsoon in the last week of May. This period is notorious for its heavy showers till the end of the month of July.


October- February: This period marks the most pleasant climate in Thrissur with the maximum temperature averaging at about 30 degrees Celsius.