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Korba, the power capital of Chhattisgarh is covered with green forests and situated on the confluence of the rivers Ahiran and Hasdeo. It is located at an altitude of 252 meters.

There are power plants and is an essential source of electricity in Chhattisgarh. Korba coalfields are also located in the region. The local language of the people here is Chhattisgarhi.

The majority of the population comprises of tribal people or Adivasis. Gonda, Kawar, Binjwar, Satnami, Raj Gond etc. are few of the tribes residing in the region. Apart from the major festivals of India many tribal festivals are celebrated in the region namely Pola, Hareli, Karma, Dev Uthni etc. Pola festival is celebrated by the ritual of worshiping bullocks.

A bull race is organized during this festival. Hareli is one of the important festivals celebrated by the farmers during the month of Shravan. The farmers worship their agriculture related equipments.

The region has a rich social and cultural diversity. The region is popular for the production of the fine silk Kosa which is used in making high quality clothes and is used in dress materials and drapes. Kosa saris are famous worldwide. Kosa saris are sold in haats or local markets over there.

Tourist places in and around Korba

The major tourist attractions in and around Korba are Madawa Rani, Kanki, Kosagaigarh, Kendai Waterfall and Chaiturgarh fort. The temples and fort are worth visiting. Moreover, the scenic beauty of the place attracts many tourists. The beautiful Kendai waterfalls provides a picturesque view to the visitors. Chaiturgarh fort is a famous fort in the region and a large number of visitors come during the Navratri.

Best time to visit Korba

The climate of Korba is dry and falls under the hot temperate climate zone.

How to Reach Korba

Korba is well connected with rail, road and air.


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