Chaiturgarh fort, Korba

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Chaithurgarh also known as Lafagarh is one of the strongest natural forts in India. It is situated 19 kms away form Pali and is one of the 36 forts of Chhattisgarh. The fort has largely natural walls. Only a few walls have been built. The fort was constructed by Raja Prithvideva I. Menaka, Simhadwar and Humkara are the three main entrances of the fort.

Mahisasur Mardini temple is situated inside the fort. The idol of Mahisasur Mardini, a form of Goddess Durga has twelve hands. There is a Shankar cave which is situated 3kms away from the temple. The cave appears like a tunnel.

There are five ponds and is surrounded by green trees and a variety of birds and animals can be noticed here. The scenic beauty of the place is enticing.

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