Jashpur- The Land of Hills and Waterfalls

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The hilly terrains and the lush green forests of Jashpur is located in the north eastern side of the Chhattisgarh. The hilly region is known as Upper Ghat and the flat regions with a few mountains are known as the Nich Ghat. The upper ghat is a part of an extension plateau which is known as pat. There are two more ghats namely Jhanda ghat and Bhelaghat.

Jashpur nagar is the town situated in the Chotanagpur Plateau region. Kunkuri is the hottest region and the Pandrapat is the coldest region It is an area under Red Corridor.

Tourist places in and around Jashpur

The region has many beautiful waterfalls and provides an opportunity to all nature lovers to explore the soothing beauty of nature. Rajpuri Waterfall, Kailash gufa, Danpuri Waterfall, Rani Dah waterfall, Bhringraj Waterfall, Cathedral Kunkuri, Dhamera Waterfall, Khudiyarani ki Gufa , Snake Park, Sograh Aghor Asram, BadalKhole Abhyaran, Gullu waterfall, Churi Waterfall, Rani Jhoola, Bane Waterfall, Hara Deepa, Loro Ghati, Bel Mahadev are some of the major attractions of the region.

Jashpur Weather

The climate of Jashpur is pleasant throughout the year as it is situated on an elevated plateau.

How to reach Jashpur

Jashpur is accessible by road and air.






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