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There are many beautiful waterfalls in the region namely the Rajpuri Waterfalls, Danpuri Waterfall, Ranidah Waterfall, Bhringraj Waterfalls , Gullu waterfalls, Churi Waterfalls and Bane Waterfalls. Bhringraj Waterfalls is located 15 kms away from the district headquarters is a popular picnic spot.

Rajpuri Waterfalls is the most popular among all. The Ranidah waterfalls and Danpuri Waterfalls amidst the green forests and hills are a visual retreat for the tourists and the visitors. Bane Waterfalls, situated 25 kms away from Kunkuri is also worth watching. It falls along with Gullu and Churi Waterfalls. The rich and varied flora and fauna around these waterfalls takes you to a soothing journey of nature.




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