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Kabirdham – For Nature And Archaeology


Kabirdham was earlier known as Kawardha district and is situated between Durg, Rajnandgaon, Raipur and Bilaspur. It stretches over an area of 4447.5 sq km. Kabirdham is a serene and peaceful place which is favoured by nature lovers. The surrounding is picturesque with forests, mountains and religious sculptures.

Western and northern part of Kabirdham are bounded by Maikal mountain ranges of Satpura. It is located on the southern bank of river Sakari. It adds to the beauty of the place. Hills and forests make the spot mesmerising. Vast stretches of greenery treat the eyes.

The name of the place originates from the advent of Kabir Sahib. His disciple, Dharmdas, also had his seat at Kabirdham. It had remained Guru Gaddi Pith of Kabir Panth from 1806 to 1903. Kawardha was formed by Mahabali Singh in 1751. The name changed to Kabeerdham in 2003. It was a princely state under the British rule and was part of Bilaspur.

Agariya is the language mostly spoken by the people residing here, specially those belonging to the region of Maikal Hills. Haf and Phok are other rivers flowing through Kabirdham. Kesmarda in Maikal range is the highest peak here. Kabirdham is one of the destinations for the upcoming airstrip.

Tourist Places In And Around Kabirdham

Kabirdham is renowned for Bhoramdeo Temple. Exquisite architecture of the temple resembles that of Khajuraho. It is, therefore, also known as Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh. The temple is 18 km from the district headquarters. Its importance lies both in its history and archeology.

It has witnessed the rule of various rulers. Nagvanshi kings had their capital at this place during the 9th-14th century. Later it passed on to Haihayvanshi kings. Remains of ancient forts, which were constructed during the reign of these rulers, are still available here.

Chaura and Chhapri are some other interesting spots of Kabirdham. Madwa Mahal is another exquisite historical monument of Kabirdham. It is 1 km away from Bhoramdeo Temple. It is renowned for being the marriage place of Nagavanshi King and Haihawanshi Queen.

“Madwa” means “marriage pandal” in the local dialect. Though it was a Shiva temple, due to its shape, which was like a marriage shamiyana, it gained the name of Madwa Mahal. Dullhadeo is another name of this temple. It was constructed in 1349 AD by the 25th king of Fani Nagvansh, Ramchandra Dev.

Cherki Mahal, Pachraahi and Jain Budha Mahadev are some other attractions of Kabirdham.

Best Time To Visit Kabirdham

Temperate climate reigns Kabirdham throughout the year.

How To Reach Kabirdham

Kabirdham is well connected by roadways.

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How to Reach Kabirdham

  • By Road
    Buses are readily available from Kabirdham to nearby cities. Raipur is 117km, Rajnandgaon is 143km and Jabalpur is 242km by road. Private taxis from Kawardha takes the tourists to Bhoramdeo temple.
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  • By Train
    Raipur is the closest railway station on Mumbai-Howrah main line.
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  • By Air
    Swami Vivekananda Airport in Raipur is the nearest airport.
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