Bhoramdeo temple, Kabirdham

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Bhoramdeo Temple is situated at a distance of 17km from the district headquarter. Amidst bewitching surrounding, the temple carved out of stone looks splendid. It follows the Nagar style and Lord Shiva is worshipped here.

Shivalinga in the temple is very artistic which attracts tourists from all over the state. It was constructed in 1089A.D. by King of FaniNagvansh, Gopal Dev. The temple looks similar to Khajuraho temple and therefore is also known as Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh.

Other than its fascinating backdrop, the architecture is amazing. Two parts of the temple are made of Ishtika and stone. A serene and calm lake is situated in front of the temple. It is five feet tall and the temple is divided into 'Mandap', 'Antral' and 'Garbha Grih'.

It can be entered from all directions except west. The shivalinga is situated at 'Garbha Grih'. Sculptures of Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Ganesha can be seen on the outer wall of the temple. Idols of lions and elephants give the temple a royal touch.

Uma-Maheswar, Natraj, Narsimha, Krishna, Nritya Ganesh, Kartikeya, Chamunda, Sapta-Matrika, Laxmi-Narayan and idols of some other gods are found in the temple. Traces of Ram Katha is found inscribed on the walls of the temple.

Carnal sculptures in various erotic poses are famous all over the world. They reflect the social lifestyle of people during that period. The walls with traces of turmeric reflect various holy rituals that take place in the temple.

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