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Kanker District is located in the southern region of Chattisgarh State and lies between the two well developed cities of Raipur and Jagdalpur. Previously Kanker was part of Bastar district and it was in 1998 that Kanker got it's identity as an independent district. The district is nestled amidst small hilly areas and the five rivers flow through the district namely Mahanadi, Doodh, Hatkul, Sindur and Turur River.

In Kanker district most of the forest area is of dry deciduous type. In Kanker district Sal, teak and mixed forests are found. Sal forests are found in the eastern part of the district, teak forests are found in the Bhanupratappur region and mixed forests are found in most of the area. In the mixed forest varieties of medicinal plants and other economically important plants

Tourists places in and around Kanker

The State of Chattisgarh is fast emerging as one of the well- known tourist attractions. The Kanker district in Chattisgarh has some numerous tourist attractions which includes the Kanker Palace, a very old and renowned palace that belonged to the Late Maharajadhiraj Udai Pratap Deo of the 12th Century. Other places of interests include The Gadiya Mountain, Malanjhkudum Waterfall, Maa Shivani Temple and Charre-Marre Waterfalls.

Kanker – Art and Culture

The tribal society of Kanker is famous for their excellencies in making exotic handicrafts with a variety of designs and shapes. These handicrafts include wood-carvings, bell-metal items, terracotta items, bamboo items etc. Kanker, Being nestled among thick forest, the district possess a good qualities of woods from which very attractive wooden-carving crafts and various types of furniture are being made by the skilled hands. These items attract locals as well as outsiders.

The people of Kanker also excels in making wood and bamboo crafts.This is one of the most famous, beautiful and unique art of wooden carving of tribes. These wooden crafts are made out of the finest teak wood and white wood. The wooden crafts include models, idols, wall panels and furniture items. These handicrafts are generally exported to different places of the country and it has demand even from foreign countries also. The tribes are excellent in making bamboo crafts also. Bamboo crafts include wall hanging, table lamp and table mats are some of the finest creation of the tribes.

Best time to visit Kanker

The best time to make a visit to the Kanker district is from October through March when the temperature is pleasent and ideal for visiting the place.

How to reach Kanker

Travelling to Kanker is easy with the Raipur Airport and Raipur Railway Station, located at a distance of 167 km from the district. An alternative to flights and trains is to travel to the district using road transport via National Highway 43, which connects Kanker to major towns in the vicinity.  

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