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Mahasamund - Visit Temples Of Lord Shiva


Once ruled by the Somavansiya Emperors, Mahasamund is a centre of rich traditional art and culture. Mahasamund forms the central eastern part of Chhattisgarh. Sirpur being the cultural hub of the region, a large number of tourists visit Sirpur throughout the year. It is located on the banks of the river Mahanadi.

The region is full of limestone and granite rocks.

Culture Of Mahasamund

Various tribes like Halba, Munda, Sonar, Sanwara, Pardhi, Bahalia, etc. reside in the region. Tribal culture, tribal fairs and festivals is a part and parcel of the daily life.

The dressing style of the people here is very traditional as the men wear dhoti, kurta, turban with a leather shoe called the Bhandai and the women wear saris. Atkaria is a traditional footwear. A variety of ornaments like Bichia, Kardhan or waist band, Parpatti or angle band, Fulee or silver earrings is worn by the women here. A celebration of festivals is an important part of their life.

Tourist Places In And Around Mahasamund

The major tourist attractions in and around Mahasamund are Laxman Temple, Anand Prabhu Kudi Vihar, Sweth Ganga of Bhamhini, Khallarimatha Temple, Ghaudhara (Daldali), Chandi Temple (Birkoni), Chandi Temple (Guchhapali Swastik Vihar, Gandheswar Temple and Khallari Mata temple.

How To Reach Mahasamund

It is well connected with road, rail and air. 

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How to Reach Mahasamund