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Yercaud – A Less-explored Hill Station


Yercaud, located on the Shevaroy Hills of Tamil Nadu, is a hill station in the Eastern Ghats. Located at the height of 1515 metres, its striking scenic beauty and pleasant weather brings in many tourists. Yercaud is sometimes referred to as the Poor Man’s Ootacamund for things here are more affordable as compared to the other famous hill stations like Ooty.

Yercaud is fastly gaining popularity amongst the locals and foreign tourists. The name Yercaud is derived from two Tamil words – "yeri" (lake) and "kadu" (forest). Yercaud is known for its plantations majorly of coffee, orange, jackfruit, guava, cardamom and black pepper. Coffee is the main produce and was brought to Yercaud by the Scottish Collector Mr. M. D. Cockburn in 1820 from Africa. There is also a reserve forest, which has the woods and wildlife in the original unexploited state.

The forests of Yercaud have an abundance of sandalwood, teak and silver oaks. From wild animals, like bison, deer, foxes, mongooses, snakes, squirrels, to birds, like bulbuls, kites, sparrows and swallows, can be found in these forests. Even though Yercaud is a hill station, it never gets extreme temperatures, making it easier to pack clothes for the tourists and avoid those heavy winter wear which are difficult to carry.

Apart from sightseeing, tourists can opt for trekking around Yercaud, and if visiting during the month of May, the Summer Festival is a must see which is a spectacle consisting of fairs, boat races, flower and dog shows. Yercaud also has a few historical sites for those who find history fascinating. Although the ancient history of Yercaud is vastly unknown, it is believed that during the reign of the Telugu kings Yercaud had its first settlement. During the British rule, Yercaud was discovered in 1842 by Sir Thomas Munro, who was then the governor of the Madras Presidency.

Although Yercaud is not an exceptional shopping destination, it does have a few things to offer to the tourists. Some of the favourites are natural oils, perfumes, skincare products, fresh packs of locally produced pepper, cardamom and coffee. Finding accommodation in Yercaud is a cakewalk. With plenty of hotel options, one can choose anything from budget hotels, luxurious resorts and even home stays.

Tourist Places In And Around Yercaud

With vast serene valleys and picturesque landscape, Yercaud has many attractions in store for the tourists. From temples to caves to waterfalls to exquisite views of the valley from the hilltop, there is something about Yercaud that puts a smile on people’s faces.

The Yercaud town located about 4700 ft above the sea level is a popular attraction. Home to many seminaries and convents, Yercaud town is nice for an evening stroll. Two of the most famous attractions in the Yercaud town are the beautifully built and maintained Sacred Heart Convent and Montfort School. Another popular attraction is the Lady’s Seat, Gent's Seat and Children's Seat, which are basically a group of natural rocks on top of the Yercaud Hills.

They look like seats and overlook the Ghat Road, Mettur Dam and Salem. According to the stories, an English lady would often bask in the setting sun while appreciating the beautiful view that can be seen from this spot. This is how this place got its name. There is viewing tower complete with a telescope which is open for visits during the day.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Yercaud are Big Lake, Bear's Cave, Lady's Seat, Gent's Seat and Children's Seat, Arthur's Seat, Anna Park, Botanical Garden, Montfort School, Servarayan Temple, Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple and Tipperary View Point.

Best Time To Visit Yercaud

The best time to visit Yercaud is October to June, avoiding the monsoon.

How To Reach Yercaud

Travellers planning a trip to Yercaud can reach the destination via air, rail and road.

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How to Reach Yercaud

  • By Road
    Yercaud is connected by road to most of the major cities in Tamil Nadu and other surrounding states. There is regular state Transport as well as private buses plying from Salem to Yercaud. There are other buses that run from Coimbatore (190 km), Chennai (356 km) and Bengaluru(230 km) to the town.
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  • By Train
    The Salem railway station is the closest railway station to Yercaud which is located 35 km away from Yercaud. Most trains that move to the southern parts of the country pass through Salem which is connected to Cochin, Erode, Mangalore and Trivandrum. Jolarpetti is another railhead close to Yercaud and lies 120 km away.
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  • By Air
    The closest airport to Yercaud is about 163 km away in Trichy or Thiruchirapalli. Other airports close by are in Coimbatore and Bengaluru. There are ample taxis services available from Trichy to Yercaud. It is best to negotiate the price before boarding.
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