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Servarayan Temple, Yercaud


Servarayan Temple (Shevaroy Temple) is strategically positioned on top of the scenic Servarayan Hills. The temple, which is a thin cave is devoted to Goddess Kaveri and Lord Servarayan. Goddess Kaveri represents the river Cauvery while Lord Servarayan stands for the Servarayan hill itself.

Goddess Kaveri and Lord Servarayan are regarded as the protector angels of the surrounding villages. The temple cave is so deep that it is believed that it touches the river Cauvery. During the month of May, the villagers gather around the temple to celebrate the annual festival. By taking a trip to the beautiful hills, tourists can enjoy the scenic beauty of a picturesque Yercaud.

The view from the hills is a sight that is worth any traveller’s visit. Even if you are not religious, consider adding the temple into your travel plans; the splendour and charm of the hills as well as the lovely view from the hills are sure to excite you.

Servarayan Temple Photos