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Yercaud Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Yercaud

  • 01Servarayan Temple

    Servarayan Temple (Shevaroy Temple) is strategically positioned on top of the scenic Servarayan Hills. The temple, which is a thin cave is devoted to Goddess Kaveri and Lord Servarayan. Goddess Kaveri represents the river Cauvery while Lord Servarayan stands for the Servarayan hill itself.

    Goddess Kaveri and Lord Servarayan are regarded as the protector angels of the surrounding villages. The temple cave is so deep that it is believed that it touches the river Cauvery. During the month of May, the villagers gather around the temple to celebrate the annual festival. By taking a trip to the beautiful hills, tourists can enjoy the scenic beauty of a picturesque Yercaud.

    The view from the hills is a sight that is worth any traveller’s visit. Even if you are not religious, consider adding the temple into your travel plans; the splendour and charm of the hills as well as the lovely view from the hills are sure to excite you.

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  • 02Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple

    Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple

    Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple, like all other temples in Yercaud, is located in a scenic valley. The presiding deity of the temple is Raja Rajeswari, the goddess of all gods. The temple was built by Irukovilur Thapovanam Srila Sri Gnananada Giri Swamigal Parampara, follower of Swami Poornanda Giri in the year of 1983.

    The founder’s son V Sri takes care of the temple. Besides the presiding deity, there are many other idols installed in the temple. The idol of the main goddess is encircled by the idols of other Hindu Gods such as Rudra, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Braham and Saraswathi.

    It is believed that a person can attain prosperity, wealth and enlightenment by worshipping the goddess. The temple’s architecture and scenic ambiance make it a tourist attraction worthy of your time. When you visit Yercaud if you have time, it is recommended to add the temple into your travel plans even if you are not religious.  

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  • 03Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden is for those who are interested in wildlife, flora and fauna, as well as natural beauty. With a large collection of orchids in the Orchidarium and a well-maintained green house, there are a lot of things that one can explore.

    Kurinji flower is famous in this area and is specially known for its twice a year blooming schedule. In addition to the famous Kurinji, lady's slipper orchid and Vernonia shevaroyensis are a few of the flowers displayed here.

    The Orchidarium is situated 2 km away from the Big Lake and houses approximately 30 different varieties of orchids, which include many endangered varieties as well. This Orchidarium is considered as the third largest Orchidarium in the country.

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  • 04Tipperary View Point

    Tipperary View Point offers the southernmost view of Yercaud and is one of the most popular locations for tourists to check out the picturesque beauty of the area, including the Elephant Tooth Rocks. These are pure white rocks believed to have formed after a meteorite fell in the area.

    You can reach the view point by the Tipperary Road. The trip through the scenic ambiance itself is going to be a treasured memory.

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