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Yercaud Weather

Although a hill station, Yercaud does not experience extreme temperatures and only enjoys mild and pleasant temperatures all through the year. The average maximum temperature in Yercaud is about 28°C, and the recorded minimum temperature is 15°C. The best time to visit Yercaud is October to June, avoiding the monsoon.


Yercaud enjoys a pleasant summer which usually starts from March and stretches till June. The maximum temperature reached during a typical summer day is about 30°C. There are scarce rains during summer, and the humidity is on a rise. Nights are relatively cooler owing to the cool winds.


Monsoon in Yercaud starts from July and goes on well into September. The Monsoon in Yercaud brings in strong winds and heavy rainfall. Average recorded rainfall in Yercaud is about 279mm. The temperature, naturally, comes down and is usually between 14-20°C. The rise in humidity makes a day feel hotter than it actually is.


Winter starts from November and ends in February. Winter is characterized by mist and cold. January is usually the coldest month, and the temperature gets as low as 10°C and during the day it goes as high as 25°C.