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A Trip to the National Museum of India

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India is a bundle of destinations for the traveller in you. When we have attractions that belong to this day and age, we also have many monuments and museums that reveals the glorious past of our country.

The National Museum of India is one such museum that takes us to the extensive works of art and culture from the past. Located in Delhi, this museum is one of its kind, and is among the largest museums in India.


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The museum gives an insight into 5000 years of India's history and the achievements and innovations in terms of art, culture and other fields of development. The departments of the museum are Pre-historic Archaeology, Archaeology, Manuscripts, Numismatics & Epigraphy, Paintings, Arms & Armour, Decorative Arts, Central Asian Antiquities, Pre-Columbian Art, Jewellery, Anthropology, Education, Public Relations, Publication and Conservation.

With a possession of over 2,00,000 pieces of art, the National Museum of India has one of the largest collection of artistic works in India. The three floor building is rich in its artefacts and specimens from the past.


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The collection in the Ground Floor include items from Harappan civilization and Indus Valley civilization. Other pieces that are displayed here are those portraying Gupta Terracotta & early Medieval Art, Late Medieval Art, Gupta Art, Buddhist Art, Indian Miniature Paintings, Indian Scripts & Coins and Decorative Arts. This floor also houses a library and an auditorium.

The First Floor is where special exhibitions are held. The other collections displayed here include Manuscripts, Central Asian Antiquities, Ajanta Paintings and Thanjavur paintings. The administrative office and the National Museum Institute are located in this floor.

The second floor has a large collection of costumes and textiles from the historical times of India, Pre-Columbian & Western Arts, copper plates, musical instruments, wood carvings and items that throw light on the nation's tribal lifestyles.


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A trip to this amazing museum would not just show you the kind of lives led during pre-historic times and historic times; it also helps us realize the pace of development India has gone through at each and every phase. A day is not enough to cover all that is showcased here, hence it is better to not have any other plans for the day if you're visiting the museum.

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