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Visit The Famous Mumba Devi Temple

By Pranav Eb

Mumba Devi is a temple that is dedicated to the mother goddess in Mumbai. The city of Mumbai is named after the goddess. She is also considered as the patron goddess of the city. A better understanding to the name of the city can give you more clarity to this. "Mumba" is the name of the goddess and "Ai" is the marathi word for mother. Hence, the city is named after the goddess Mumba Devi.

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The temple of Mumba devi once stood on the site of the present Victoria Terminus in the central island, which was called Mumbai. The goddess is also the patron goddess of the Koli fishermen who are believed to be the original inhabitants of Mumbai.

mumba devi temple

The original temple was built in 1737, which was demolished and the current structure was constructed at Bhuleshwar. The temple does not appear very striking as the other temples in the city; however, the goddess holds a very close place in the hearts of the Mumbaikars.

More Details About The Mumba Devi Temple

The structure is about 600 years old and is believed to be the handiwork of Mumbaraka, a sadistic gaint who frequently plundered the city at that time. Being terrorized by the unwelcoming visits, the locals pleaded to Lord Brahma to protect them. Lord Brahma pulled out an eight-armed goddess, out of his own body, to vanquish the brute.

mumba devi temple

Mumbaraka was brought to his knees and asked the goddess to take his name and he then built a temple in her honour. She stands there, an orange-faced goddess on altar covered with marigolds, who answers all the prayers of her devotees.

The first temple was situated at Bori Bunder and is believed to have been destroyed between 1739 and 1770 AD. After the destruction, a new temple was erected at the same place in Bhuleshwar. The goddess is still worshipped by the descendants of the Dravidian population of western and southern India.

mumba devi temple

The original temple was built at the site where the Victoria Terminus stands, which was built by the Koli fishermen and was brought down around 1737 AD, and the temple was erected in Phansi Talao. In the shrine, the image of Goddess Mumba Devi dressed in a robe with a silver crown, a nose stud and a golden necklace can be seen. To her left is another idol of Goddess Annapuran seated on a peacock.

Attractions In Mumbai

The Goddess can be seen without a mouth, symbolizing the Mother Earth. Mumba Devi, in this form, is revered by the Dravidians of the western and the southern parts of India. In the temple complex, there are other shrines that are dedicated to Lord Ganesh, Maruti, Mahadev, Indrayani, Murlidhar, Jagannath, Narsoba and Balaji.

mumba devi temple

Mumba Devi is said to be a patron deity of the Koli fishermen, the original residents of Mumbai. In the present day, the temple stands amidst the crowded markets of steel and cloth in south Mumbai. In the vicinity of the temple, there are many shops where flowers of different types are available.

Timings Of The Temple

Tue to Sun: 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Tue to Sun: 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The temple is closed on Mondays

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