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Do You Know From Where Mumbai Gets Its Name?

Written By: Siji Ram

Mumbai, the face of modern India, is not just a tourist destination, it also has nurtured and fulfilled dreams of endless celebrities, cricketers, business tycoons and the like. This city of dreams has a past that starts with a small temple. Let's see how it all unfolds to the city we see today!

The city derives its name from Mumba Devi Mandir, which is a temple dedicated to Goddess Mumba, who is the patron deity of Koli, a fisherman tribe that lived in Bombay (the new Mumbai).

Mumba Devi

The Mumba Devi Temple 
Photo Courtesy: Pablo Ares Gastesi 

It is believed that the eight-armed Goddess was sent by Lord Brahma to the place to kill Mumbaraka, a demon that threatened the locals of Mumbai. At his defeat, the demon falls on his knees and begs her to use his name, for a permission to the Goddess to build a temple dedicated to her. He then builds the beautiful shrine of Mumba Devi Temple right in the heart of the city.

The architecture of the temple is a sight to marvel. The idol is adorned with a silver crown, a golden necklace and a nose stud. The idol has no mouth, symbolising Mother Earth. Idols of Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman are installed within the temple complex. A figure of Goddess Annapurna seated on a peacock, and of a tiger are also seen in the temple.

Mumba Devi

The idol of Mumba Devi in Mumbai

Though the temple deity is worshipped by the locals, the temple is often visited by locals and tourists as well. You can find shops near the temple that sell flowers and other items for the offerings and puja in the temple. A visit to the city is incomplete if you miss the temple that gave the city its name!

Places to See Near The Temple

There are other places too near the temple that are worth a visit. Crawford market, one of the famous market places in Mumbai is located near the temple. The Chowpatty Beach is another tourist destination that can be visited while in Mumbai. Zaveri Bazaar, which is popular for the gold jewellery they sell, is also located near near the Mumba Devi Temple.

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