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Maharashtra Tourism – The Pilgrimage Town of Solarpur

By Manoj

A prominent city in Maharashtra is Solapur, which is known for its natural beauty, wildlife and temples. It is visited by tourists around the year who come here to relax and rejuvenate in this peaceful town.

There are many places that you can head to in this town and also there are places yet to be explored here. Many adventure enthusiasts come here to roam these regions and see the beauty of nature that surrounds the place.

Moti Baug Lake

The Moti Baug Lake is also known as the Kambar Talao Lake and is famous for being a bird watching spot in this district.

The lake was once adorned with many pink and white lotuses but with the government deciding to take up maintenance much of it has reduced.

It is a haven for nature lovers and bird lovers, who can come and see several migratory birds here. You can also head here for a relaxing stroll during the evening with your near and dear ones.

Moti Baug Lake

View of the lake.
Photo Courtesy: Dharmadhyaksha

Nannaj - Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

The Nannaj Sanctuary also known as the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary was established in 1971 by a wildlife enthusiast B.S. Kulkarni.

The Great Indian Bustard locally referred to as Maldhok is a rare bird and is known to thrive in arid and semi-arid grasslands.

There are other animals too that call this place their home which include mongoose, fox, hyena, Blackbuck and wolves. It is a hub for wildlife enthusiasts who come here to get a glimpse of these animals.

Nannaj - Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

A bird spotted at the sanctuary.
Photo Courtesy: Koshy Koshy

Siddheshwar Temple

The Siddheshwar Temple is located on a lake and is surrounded by water on all sides. It is one of the most picturesque spots and draws many tourists towards.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Siddharameshwar who is said to be the incarnation of both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Devotees come here from neighbouring regions to pray to the lord and seek his blessings. Tourists coming here can marvel at the beauty of this temple and also take in the scenic view of the place.

Siddheshwar Temple

The idol of the Lord.
Photo Courtesy: Uddhavghodake

How to Reach Solapur

By Air: The Solapur Airport is the best option for air travel for travellers planning to fly in here. The airport is well-linked to all major towns and cities within India.

By Train: Solapur is easily accessible by rail thanks to the Solapur Railway Station. This station is connected to all the cities and towns within and outside Maharashtra with the help of local and out-station trains.

By Road: Solapur is well-connected by road to all the main cities in Maharashtra. Mumbai is about 400 km away and has regular state-owned and private tour buses that offer shuttle services between the two cities. Same applies for the cities of Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur and many others. Solapur is well-linked by road to other metro cities like Bangalore and Delhi as well.

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