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5 Beautiful Cities On the Banks of Rivers in India

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Rivers not only serve as water suppliers but also as picnic spots in cities. Commercial hubs built on the banks of rivers are always a hit in terms of tourism. Since these rivers are considered as sacred, they also serve as Hindu religious places. At the same time, rivers provide a unique look to the cities and the banks are often the beautiful parts of these cities. It is nice to go around our country and list out some famous cities situated on the banks of rivers in India.

Beautiful Cities On the Banks of Rivers

Howrah Brigde
Photo Courtesy: Jim Cartar

Kolkata - Hoogly

There is none who doesn't recognise the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata. Some of the magical photos of Hoogly River and the Howrah Bridge storms on all travel media platforms. Such is the charm the river provides to the artistic, historical and cultural city of Kolkata.

Beautiful Cities On the Banks of Rivers

Yamuna River in Agra
Photo Courtesy: Ekabhishek

Agra - Yamuna

The Taj Mahal reflecting in the Yamuna River is one helluva picture! Yamuna River is one of the longest rivers cascading across several states in India. In the historical city of Agra, the river Yamuna gives a silver lining to the city. According to Hindu mythology, Yamuna is the sister of Yama, the Lord of Death. Today, Yamuna River provides water for millions of people across India.

Beautiful Cities On the Banks of Rivers

Osman Sagar
Photo Courtesy: Sankarshansen

Hyderabad - Musi

Old Hyderabad and New Hyderabad is on either side of Musi River. Once known as Muchkunda River, it is one of the main tributaries of Krishna River in Telangana. The famous Osman Sagar Lake is formed due to damming of Musi River. Although the city is famous for its historical sites, Musi River has been an important part in the formation of the city.

Beautiful Cities On the Banks of Rivers

Boating in the Ganga River
Photo Courtesy: Nav Nirvana

Varanasi - Ganges

A dip in the river of Ganges is believed to wash out all the sins. Ganga or the Ganges river is the holiest of rivers for Hindus. The river blesses the sacred city of Varanasi or Kashi is blessed. River Ghats in Varanasi not only serve as pilgrimage sites but also as picturesque tourist spots for the visitors. The evening arthi done for the Ganges is yet another attraction in this city.

Beautiful Cities On the Banks of Rivers

Kali River Bridge
Photo Courtesy: Rane.abhijeet

Karwar - Kali

The beauty of Karwar is defined by its beaches and the enchanting Kali River. This port city is located at the mouth of Kali River which further joins the Arabian Sea. Karwar is one of the best offbeat tourist destinations in Karnataka with some awesome scenery. Kali River is not only a source of water and electricity in this region but also a photogenic spot for travellers. It is surely one of the must-visit cities on the banks of rivers in India.

Rivers are the lifelines; it is a big responsibility to prevent these water bodies from pollution. They maintain an ecological balance needed for our sustenance. There is a dire need to promote the importance of pollution-free rivers. Keeping this cause in mind, let us make a tour around these cities on the banks of rivers that are worth exploring.

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