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5 Best Snake Parks in India!

Written By: Akshatha Vinayak

While Naagins storm the Indian TV channels, Naga Devatas in mythologies and Serpent Gods in most temples, then snakes do have a larger role in the Indian culture and traditions!

Even the famous 'Voldemort' had a Nagini as his saviour till the end! In fact, the mysteries associated with the snakes are just interesting to know.

Best Snake Parks in India

Photo Courtesy: Lwp Kommunikacio

From being one of the most poisonous creatures to being exotic creatures, snakes attract researchers and wildlife enthusiasts worldwide. Time and again movies like Anaconda, Snakes On a Plane have drawn a larger audience by taking them into a trance.

So, there is no doubt that snakes also attract a lot of tourists. In this article, let us visit some best snake parks and explore various species of snakes in India!

Best Snake Parks in India

Photo Courtesy: Michael Allen Smith

Parissinikadavu Snake Park, Kannur

Parissinikadavu is not just known for Muthappan temple but this beautiful snake park. Parissinikadu Snake Park houses many species of venomous and non-venomous snakes that attract several visitors in Kannur. It is also research and conservation centre for snakes located just 2km from NH17 in Kerala. Tourists can see cobras, pit vipers and also pythons at this park.

Best Snake Parks in India

Guindy Snake Park
Photo Courtesy: Vaikoovery

Guindy Snake Park, Chennai

Guindy Snake Park or Chennai Snake Park Trust is India's first reptile park established in 1972. Guindy Snake Park is located next to the Guindy National Park in Chennai. This reptile park is a home to a number of Indian snakes as well as foreign species. Guindy Snake Park is also a breeding and conservation centre which was founded by a renowned Herpetologist Romulous Whitaker.

Best Snake Parks in India

Pit Viper at Katraj
Photo Courtesy: AshLin

Katraj Snake Park, Pune

Katraj Snake Park is quite a sensation located inside the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park in Katraj, Pune. Katraj Snake Park has a large varieties of serpents like cobras, Indian rock python, vipers and also a King Cobra. One speciality here is that the organised stages awareness programmes to eradicate misconceptions about snakes. This event also focuses on providing a scientific approach to the conservation of species. People are educated to avoid the ill-treatment of snakes for religious purposes. Hence, Katraj Snake Park is one of the famous snake parks in India.

Best Snake Parks in India

Smooth Green Snake at Calcutta Snake Park
Photo Courtesy: Ravedave

Calcutta Snake Park, Kolkata

Calcutta Snake Park is the first snake parks in the Eastern India. This snake park was established by the efforts of Mr.Dipak Mitra, a well-known herpetologist and a wildlife conservationist. Calcutta Snake Park is spread across a 2-acre lush green land which has proved as an ideal place for snake conservation. Currently, the park houses some rare species of snakes as well as popular breeds. It is also a Zoo with other reptiles, mammals and birds. Yellow Monitor Lizards are one among the major attractions here.

Best Snake Parks in India

King Cobra at Bannerghatta
Photo Courtesy: Symphoney Symphoney

Bannerghatta Snake Park, Bengaluru

Bannerghatta Snake Park forms a section of Bannerghatta National Park in Bengaluru. It is one of the major attractions at the Zoo. The snake park with exotic varieties of reptiles is surely an attention seeker in the park. Hence, Bannerghatta Snake Park is among the best snake parks in India.

Sadly, even snakes are affected by the globalisation around the world. There is a dire need to protect them from getting erased. Thankfully due to the efforts of wildlife enthusiasts, we are still able to conserve many species of snakes. Unfortunately, they are also being threatened by some religious customs which are proving to be hazardous for snakes. So, it becomes necessary for us to educate about the snakes.

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