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The Sunderbans are a huge Mangrove reserve that is split between India and Bangladesh. Although a large part of the national park lies in Bangladesh, the one third that lies in India is an obvious tourist choice, owing to tourist facilities and access. A trip to the Sunderbans reserve promises to be a once in a lifetime experience. It is one of the only UNESCO World Heritage sites in the region.

Reserve Size

The Sunderbans Mangrove reserve is one of the largest and spreads over 4200 square kilometers. The reserve is also home to many Indian Tigers, one of the most endangered species in the world right now. One might just get lucky and catch a glimpse of these mighty beasts who have adapted to the environment at the Sunderbans and the saline water. Apart from the 250 odd tigers the Sunderbans also feature the chetal deer and the rhesus monkey. Beware though, the Sunderbans are also home to some rather lethal species of snakes like the King Cobra and the Water Monitor.

A Photographers Paradise

Photographers are in for a time of their lives at the Sunderbans National Park with a large number of rare bird species like Masked Finfoot, Mangrove Pitta and the Mangrove Whistler housed here. The various trees in the locality include the Sundari and the Golpata. In the early 1900s, David Prain, a biologist recorded over 330 plant species at the Sunderbans.

The MB Sundari

The MB Sundari is a floating home which is available for hire. It is hardly ever available since bookings are always full but given a chance, it changes your perspective of the Sunderbans. The MB Sundari can easily accommodate a family of 8 and has various bedrooms and bathrooms. It has been compared to luxury boats in Kerala and other places in India.

Of late scientists have been worried about the fate of the Sunderbans owing to climatic changes. The Sunderbans are well within driving distance of Kolkata. Tourists generally visit the Sunderbans for a day visit since staying overnight isn’t possible or vialbe. Some of the local restaurants and rest houses serve delicious local food and some very satiating sea food.

Regular car and bus services operate to the Sunderbans from the state capital of Kolkata.

The Sunderbans are great for families and couples alike. It is a very romantic atmosphere especially if once can hire a river dhow. Sailing down the narrow tributaries and streams is nothing short of some very famous international destinations and people have compared the Sunderbans to the Amazon, time and again! 

How to reach Sunderbans

Sunderbans is easily accessible from major destinations through air, rail and bus.  

Sunderbans Weather

The climate of Sunderbans is classified into summer, monsoon and winter. 





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