Vilundi Theertham, Rameshwaram

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Vilundi theertham is one of the 24 theerthams that are a must visit according to Hindu religion. This theertham was created when Lord Rama struck an arrow into the sea to draw drinking water for his wife Sita. The well that was made as a result of the strike gave out water that was delicious to drink.

Every year, the theertham is visited by thousands of Hindu devotees who bathe in its waters to rid their sins. The theertham is in the Thangatchimadam village that is close to Pamban.

Apart from the religious importance, the water body is significant for the locals of the village. In 1979, a structure was constructed in order to make it a source of drinking water for the local population. However, the structure is now spoilt because of the salt present in the air leaving the locals disgruntled. Efforts are being made to get the government to build another such structure.

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