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Rameshwaram Weather

The best time to visit Rameshwaram is during the winter months when the sun is not hot and scorching. One can venture out in the mornings and afternoons and stay out until late evenings. The stable temperature and the warmth of the sun make it easier to hop from one temple to another without burning your feet and skin.


Summer begins in Rameshwaram towards the end of March and continues until the end of May. Summer days are typically hot and humid though the evenings tend to become pleasant with a cool and gentle breeze blowing from the sea. However, venturing out during the afternoon is just not possible. The hot sun makes sightseeing exhausting.


Rameshwaram received heavy rainfall during the months of June, July and August. Monsoons can even extend until mid-September in Rameshwaram. The entire town becomes slushy and muddy due to the continuous rainfall. The temperature falls down considerably during the monsoons, but tourists avoid the place because of the cyclone-like rains.


Winter in Rameshwaram starts towards the mid-November and goes on until February. Rameshwaram does not become chilly unlike the northern states during winters. The days are cool and pleasant and plenty of people throng the place during this time. The nights tend to become cool though, and one should carry a light shawl or jacket.